ZAKA Volunteer's Update From Wreckage 
ZAKA Volunteer's Update From WreckagePhoto: ZAKA

The southern towns that endured the massacre last week as well as ongoing fighting between terrorists and Israeli military are now eery and abandoned. The roads are empty, the homes destroyed. Blood splatters still litter the streets and the houses. All of the occupants have fled north, or been killed. There are only the sounds of military personnel, and ZAKA.

ZAKA volunteers are still working tirelessly to pull bodies from the wreckage in the ransacked southern towns. The organization has historically run toward places others flee: Terror attacks, massacre sites, warzones. They are the doing the mitzvah of “chesed shel emet” (a traditional Jewish burial). It is a final tribute to those who lost their lives too young, and a tremendous mitzvah.

In a video just released to the public, a ZAKA volunteer stands amid the wreckage with a bulletproof vest and helmet. Bombs explode overhead, and gunshots sound in the distance. The volunteer thanks the public for their help so far, but stresses that they are far from done.

ZAKA urgently needs funding for more supplies and protective gear for its volunteers. Readers can help by clicking here.