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The war in Israel, in response to the murderous attack and massacre last Saturday on communities in southern Israel, has led to a wave of anti-Semitism on university campuses across the US.

Jewish students told Fox News that since the outbreak of the war, they have been afraid to go to campuses all over the US, and blame the heads of the universities for "turning a blind eye to the increasing antisemitism in the universities".

Julia Wax, a law student at Georgetown University, said that she founded a "Zionist organization" on the campus where she studies, in order to help Jewish students deal with the hostile atmosphere around them.

"From the moment the terror attacks occurred, the university became a hostile environment for Jewish students. Students are afraid to go to class. You have to sit next to classmates who publish antisemitic rhetoric, who promote rallies that endorse antisemitic rhetoric. People are afraid, and the universities are not doing their part, not opposing it. They are silent," Wax claimed.

She said that she decided to establish the "Zionist Organization" after receiving many messages from Jewish students all over the US who told her that they were suffering from antisemitic harassment, following the war in Israel.

"I have students sending me messages that they have returned from Israel, and it is tough because these are people from Georgetown who are studying at Georgetown Law School, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Universities, and people spew such rhetoric at us. It is anti-Jewish, anti-American, anti-democratic, and it's hateful and disgusting," Wax said.

Michael Koriakov, a Jewish student who began his studies at Georgetown University, also told the host of "Fox and Friends," Lawrence Jones, about the toxic atmosphere towards Jews on the various campuses.

"There have been claims that some of the atrocities by Hamas, including the beheading of babies, never occurred. The biggest problem is actually the fact that student organizations have sprung up on campus, and they are the ones who are largely spewing this antisemitic rhetoric. We had a rally a week ago in favor of Hamas. It was basically a rally in memory of Palestinian martyrs. In addition, many organizations published statements calling for the destruction of the State of Israel and also calling for anti-Israeli sentiment," Koriakov said.