Amn. Gilad Erdan
Amn. Gilad ErdanAryeh Lev Abrahams/Flash 90

Following the Wexner Foundation’s announcement that it will cut ties with Harvard University, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan called for American Jews and supporters of Israel to sever ties with American universities that did not condemn Hamas’ brutal massacre last Saturday and enable on-campus support for the Hamas terror organization and the murder of Israelis.

In its statement, the foundation said that the move was taken in light of "the dismal failure of Harvard’s leadership to take a clear and unequivocal stand against the barbaric murders of innocent Israeli civilians by terrorists last Saturday."

The severing of ties with the university comes after 35 years in which hundreds of civil service officials were trained in two study programs at Harvard.

Ambassador Erdan said in response to the foundation's announcement, "The university's leadership has demonstrated that it has lost all moral conscience. Not only do they allow hatred of Jews and pro-terrorist rhetoric to permeate the campus, they are not even able to immediately and vehemently condemn terrorism."

Ambassador Erdan praised the Wexner Foundation for severing ties with Harvard University and said, "The leadership of Harvard have proven they have lost their moral compass. Not only do they allow Jew-hatred and pro-terror rhetoric to permeate their campus, but they cannot bring themselves to immediately condemn terrorism.”

The Ambassador added, “I call on every North American Jew and supporter of Israel to send this message to every university that behaves similarly.

"If your child’s university thinks twice before condemning the murder of innocents or allows a culture of hate to grow on campuses unhindered, then it cannot receive one more cent from any of you.

"Whoever stays silent after the massacre of children does not hold the moral credibility to educate our children.“