The need for mental health
The need for mental healthiStock

In light of the ongoing war in Israel, the developers of the MindReset app have extended a helping hand to the citizens of Israel by making the app freely available to them. This gesture offers timely support for many who are facing stress and trauma due to the current situation in the country. Soldiers on the ground have already reported that the app has been a valuable resource in managing their anxiety and stress levels amidst the turbulent times.

The MindReset app is a unique mobile application that employs a novel method termed Split Second Unlearning (SSU) to help individuals manage stress and trauma. Developed over the past 25 years, this method assists users in "unlearning" traumatic responses quickly, almost as rapidly as they were initially formed. At its core, the app uses eye-tracking technology to follow the users' thought pattern based on their eye movements, thus allowing for the interruption of distressing triggers.

The app, a joint venture between mental wellness coaches Matt Hudson & Lisa Mcloughlin (England) and Umoove, an Israel-based tech company known for its mobile eye-tracking technology, was launched several years ago, with the aim of aiding individuals to clear their distressed minds through very short, eye-tracking-based sessions. Users can transform their mental wellness in just two minutes a day, experiencing better sleep, a clearer mind, and relief from depression, anxiety, and stress.

One user found MindReset to be a powerful tool in managing their reaction to the distressing imagery, sharing on the App Store: "Helping me immensely with exposure to difficult imagery… Every time I see something disturbing on social media this app helps me to calm down. Hopefully it will also help me to sleep better. Thank you so much MindReset team!"

Matt Hudson, who developed the therapeutic method of MindReset, said, "What has happened in Israel touched our hearts and we immediately thought to release MindReset free to all the citizens of Israel, to make a contribution to healing."

This sentiment was echoed by Yitzi Kempinski, the Founder and CEO of Umoove, who said, "It was clear to us that at this point, with everything we are going through here, it's not a question of who needs it, but who doesn't need it." He further shared that he personally has been using the app daily since the war broke out, finding it immensely helpful in clearing the mind from stress and trauma, aiding better sleep, and providing more energy to face the present challenges.

The MindReset app is now available for free to all Israeli citizens through the Apple Store or Google Play, offering a quick, non-invasive intervention to the mind amidst a challenging time for the nation.