MK Avigdor Liberman
MK Avigdor LibermanFlash 90

Yisrael Beiteinu Avigdor Lieberman commented today (Monday) at his party's meeting on reports of his joining the emergency government.

"Until now, I have not been contacted by the coalition or the Prime Minister's office," Liberman said.

He noted that Netanyahu's military secretary does not answer his calls: "I wanted to share with him my insights, thoughts and ideas about what can be done on the military level, and to this day I have not received a call back."

Regarding the conversation with Aryeh Deri after the breakup between them, he said: "All accounts should now be in the bottom drawer, and we must only focus on victory. As long as the war continues, we have no ideological or political issues here."

Liberman called at the meeting to eliminate Hamas: "Without entering Gaza and cleaning the underground city that Hamas built there, it is impossible to talk about eliminating Hamas."

Regarding the reports of a ceasefire, Liberman said: "I understand that there is heavy international pressure. Humanitarian aid must not be brought in before the Red Cross visits the prisoners. Otherwise it would be their lawlessness."

"I say unequivocally: not even one grain, not a liter of water, should pass there until the representatives of the Red Cross see our captives. This must not be allowed. There must be reciprocity," he added.

Liberman referred to the Gazan laborers seeking to work in Israel: "They received work permits and entered Israel. Those who, when they were injured, the residents of the enclave took care of them and took them to hospitals in Israel. The Gazan laborers are the ones who gave the accurate intelligence picture to the human monsters of Hamas. They knew where the warehouses and property were, and immediately after entering, they came in after the terrorists and looted everything".