Saar Margolis OBM
Saar Margolis OBMPhoto: MDA

Magen David Adom (MDA) bows its head and joins in mourning over the member of the security standby team in Kissufim and MDA volunteer 37-year old Saar Margolis, who fell protecting his community from terrorists.

Saar began his journey with MDA 3 years ago as an EMT. He was in the process of obtaining an ambulance driver's license in order to become an ambulance driver in the kibbutz and further assist in saving lives, a process he did not have time to finish.

Saar’s manager of volunteering at MDA, Yossi Abuharon, recounts: "Saar was a pleasant young man from Kibbutz Kissufim who never stopped wanting to help save lives in shifts at MDA. He was so excited when he was sent as a first responder to calls in his area, and the desire to save lives burned within him. His death is a very great loss."

MDA Director General Eli Bin paid tribute to Saar Margolis: "Saar contributed much to the Ofakim station where he volunteered. Magen David Adom cherishes and appreciates Saar's service with MDA, and shares in the family's deep sorrow. May his memory be a blessing.”