Opening to Light
Opening to LightiStock

It seems to me that of all the pain of this war, even more than the unimaginable number of fatalities, what horrifies us most are the horror stories whispered by word of mouth about what Hamas did. These atrocities, which rival those of the Nazis, subconsciously evoke the greatest sense of terror of all—that the world is ruled by the forces of evil; and that no matter how much we create, love, build and live, the monster wins.

Absolutely not! Not only will Hamas lose and pay for its misdeeds, but the very sense of horror teaches us that Jewish and human nature abhors evil. Herein lies the hope: the world is rising up against the monster. Even the progressive Western world is waking up, if only for a short time, in the face of the evil that has been revealed.

Perhaps this is one of the benefits that will come out of this war: the drawing a very clear boundary between the People of Light and the People of Darkness; between those who fight Hamasism and those who support it directly or indirectly. The progressive blurring of evil and good has been dealt a severe blow that will have implications for the future. In the meantime, anyone who participates in the war can find some consolation in participating in a long, and ultimately successful, journey of the triumph of good over evil:

Nazism was defeated, ISIS has been defeated, Hamas will also be defeated. The People of Israel live forever!

May this month be a good one!