PLO flag

Chinese retail site SHEIN is causing an uproar among Israeli users after Palestinian flags were offered for sale on it, while every attempt to find an Israeli flag was met with a broken link, Israel Hayom reports.

A search for the phrase"Palestine flag" on the website led to, among other things, a page where a Palestine flag appeared for sale for a price of 4.25 pounds sterling, which is now out of stock, as well as another similar flag that was sold for 29 NIS.

A search for the phrase "Israel Flag," as mentioned, led to a broken link, while a search for the word flag led to a page where the Palestinian flag and flags or items of other countries but not of Israel could be found.

SHEIN is considered a very popular site among Israeli consumers, who were very angry at the discovery and began flooding the web with calls to boycott the site.

"You support a terrorist organization that attacks my country, Israel. Hamas is worse than ISIS. We will stop buying from you," shared an angry follower in one of the site's largest Facebook groups of consumers in a message she sent to customer service, expressing the hope that she is not the only one and that they will be flooded with similar messages that will lead them to remove the item.

"Those who support Hamas support terrorism. We will not buy more from you if you do not remove the flag and add the Israeli flag," she added.

Another surfer in another group reinforced the message and also sent a strong message to the site's customer service in which she wrote: "In light of the situation in Israel, it should be clear to everyone that the flag of Palestine symbolizes terrorism and is anti-Semitic. Since the site sells such a terrorist flag, I am deleting my account, and I do not intend to purchase from you again, and this is what I will recommend to all Israelis and their supporters."

The pressure apparently worked, and after several hours, the flags that were offered for sale were indeed removed, and the search now leads to a page with a broken link. "We have removed the item. Your help is important to our service. Thank you very much," read the website's response to the user.

Despite the removal, the very act of uploading the flag to the site provoked angry reactions online from consumers who called for the site to be boycotted, including Sarit Polk, who wrote in her story today (Sunday): "Don't start with me. They sold a Palestinian flag on SHEIN. Even so, their goods are equivalent to a dosh and toxic man. Delete the app, and don't order from there again."

This is not the first time that the website has offered problematic items for sale. In July 2020, a necklace with a swastika was offered for sale on the website, which was removed after reviews from users, the brand then clarified that it was a Buddhist religious symbol and not the Nazi swastika.