Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a statement to the public about the ongoing war against Hamas on Friday evening, marking a rare occasion in which an Israeli Prime Minister speaks on Shabbat.

"Citizens of Israel, Shabbat Shalom. Shabbat shalom to our forces deployed across the country who are celebrating the Sabbath in the field, far from home,” he said.

“Today, we all understand that we are fighting for our home. And we are all fighting tooth and nail: soldiers, police officers, citizens, security forces, health personnel and rescue teams — and Israel's citizens, with your extraordinary volunteering spiring that has touched the entire world.”

“We are all mobilized, we are all united. Stories of the heroic acts of our people in these dark days of pain and grief, of that cursed Saturday, will be told for years to come. Stories that will become an integral part of the history of Israel,” the Prime Minister said.

“We will never forget the horrific acts perpetrated against us by our enemies. I spoke today with bereaved families and families whose loved ones are still unaccounted for. Their world has collapsed. I know. We will never forget the horrific acts perpetrated by our enemies, and we will never forgive. We will not allow the world, or anyone, to forget these horrors, the likes of which the Jewish people have not endured in decades,” he stated.

“We are pounding our enemies with unprecedented force, and I stress, this is only the beginning. Our enemies have only just begun to pay the price. I will not detail our plans, but I tell you, this is only the beginning,” Netanyahu stressed.

“In my phone calls with President Biden and other world leaders, and through many other efforts, we are securing vast international support for Israel. Earlier today I met with the US secretary of state. We are ensuring that the war will continue through munitions and weapons that are en route to Israel. We will obliterate Hamas, we will triumph. It might take time, but we will end this war stronger than ever. ‘May the Almighty cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.’ Shabbat Shalom."

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