Aryeh Deri
Aryeh DeriSpokesperson

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri spoke on Thursday at the Shas faction meeting and commented on the establishment of the emergency government, calling to focus on the fighting now and to leave the criticism for later.

"A great disaster has befallen the people of Israel. In terms of the extent of the murdered and the injured. A terrible massacre. Moment by moment we understand the cruelty. Entire families have been wiped out and entire towns most of whose inhabitants have been murdered. Children, young people, adults and the elderly. There are also a large number of abductees. A great disaster that no one ever thought and dreamed would happen," Deri said.

He stressed, "Now is not the time to look for culprits, but to unite and fight. We as Jews know that it is a time of trouble but we will be saved from it. We believe that from this trouble, Israel will grow. It is amazing to see the many volunteers, the dedication, the desire to contribute. People are really thirsty to take part. This unity which we missed so much in the last year returned because of this disaster."

"The public wanted the decision-makers to be united in this situation and, God willing, it was successful yesterday, even if partially,” continued Deri. “The unification of forces will give hope to the public these days. I said at every forum I've been to: Whoever wants to share the burden, let him join without preconditions. The Knesset is meeting today to approve to these appointments."

"The entire Shas faction is mobilized for help and assistance, each one in his role. Next week we mark 10 years since the passing of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, we planned to do a very big event in his memory, but the situation does not allow it. Tomorrow, on Friday night, we will light another candle in his memory and in memory of all the fallen martyrs, soldiers and civilians, and for the healing of the wounded and return of the missing," he concluded.