ZAKA on the scene
ZAKA on the scenePhoto: ZAKA

If your heart is crying for your brothers and sisters, there is something you can do.

At this moment, ZAKA volunteers continue to march into the aftermath of the greatest brutality ever witnessed in Israel.

The carnage is pure horror. Our volunteers face a slaughterhouse - the sights of hundreds of people barbarically murdered are seared into their memories for life, yet these brave men and women persist. Our volunteers left their families and their holiday celebrations to run towards danger at the first call, and many literally responded in active war zones without sufficient protective equipment!

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When our hearts are in anguish, there’s only one thing everyone can do.

We must ensure the safety of ZAKA volunteers. They need helmets, protective vests, shields - we respond to regions under fire, and have even had to evacuate several times. Help protect our volunteers!

ZAKA is also in urgent need of funding to purchase basic equipment for identifying victims and honoring the murdered. The sheer scale of this attack has used up our equipment at an unprecedented rate.

We need you now!

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