Sabine Taasa
Sabine TaasaIsrael National News

Sabine Taasa, a resident of Netiv HaAsara near the Gaza border who lost her husband and saw her two sons seriously injured in Hamas’ attacks on Israel, on Wednesday recalled the moments of horror she experienced and described what she saw before her eyes.

"The entire family experienced a shocking tragedy. Three terrorists came to us and my husband Gil was killed when he saved our two small children from a grenade. Our eight-year-old son, Shai, was seriously injured in his eye and he cannot see in one eye. He underwent several surgeries. Our 12-year-old son, Koren, was injured from shrapnel in his leg. They killed Gil in front of the children. They took the children and beat them. The 12-year-old negotiated with the terrorist while he fired two more bullets at Gil to ensure he was dead."

"I was holed up in the secure space for about an hour," she recalled. "My third son went surfing in Zikim. When it all started, he said that together with his friends, they all entered a shelter. After a few minutes, the terrorists arrived there and murdered them."

She recalled noticing that terrorists are trying to enter her home. "I see three - and one terrorist walking in my direction. I quickly closed the door and locked myself in the secure space.I heard the terrorists destroying my house and calling for me to open the door.Suddenly I hear the boys calling me from outside and somehow I let them in.I began to take care of them.I don't know after how long they came to rescue us."

"They abandoned us. They let them slaughter us,” Taasa charged. "I was left with nothing - without a husband, without a son, without honor and without a home. What is left for me in this life. I don't know how I will continue from here. I can no longer continue to cry."

She stressed that she intends to return to Netiv HaAsara, and then turned to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said, “Where is Netanyahu? What is this debacle?Beat [Hamas’] brains in."

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