In an emotionally-charged video message, ZAKA's CEO, Duby Weissenstern, delivers an urgent appeal to the global community, amidst the calamitous circumstances unfolding in Israel. ZAKA, an organization dedicated to disaster response and recovery, now finds itself grappling with an unparalleled emergency.

Weissenstern's voice breaks towards the end of his message, his words weigh heavy with palpable grief and desperation as he details the harsh realities faced by ZAKA's team on the ground in Israel. Click here to watch

In the heart of the chaos, ZAKA has been endeavoring to provide respect (kavod hameis) to the fallen, ensuring each individual is given due dignity in the aftermath of tragedy. However, as Weissenstern details amidst choked-back tears, their resources are dangerously depleted.

"We have run out of body bags, we are dangerously low on protective equipment, and our store of gloves will soon be gone." Click here to help

Weissenstern pleads with an international audience for assistance.

As the video concludes, viewers are left with an echoing silence, a poignant reminder of the grave situation in Israel, and an invitation to act, to contribute to alleviating the overwhelming challenges faced by ZAKA.