IDF soldier on the scene
IDF soldier on the sceneChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Kan News reports that the Telegram channel affiliated to dictator President Alexander Lukashenko claims that the reports of a massacre of civilians, including children, in the communities around Gaza are fake news.

The channel wrote, among other things: "It turns out that there are no beheaded bodies of children. This is an invention of Israeli journalists. It puts the responsibility on the IDF and they even say that they are not aware of such an event."

It also claimed that the Mossad initiated the attack on Israel to justify transferring Jews to Ukraine.

While Israel has received extensive support in the Western world, there is no support for Israel from the Russian world and its supporters.

In recent years, the Belarusian government has been considered to be a puppet of the Kremlin, after the country's dictator lost public support and falsified election results.

In the West, the Belarusian leader is nicknamed "Europe’s last dictator," for, among other things, the imprisonment of opponents to the regime.