Soldiers secure operation in Arabtown
Soldiers secure operation in ArabtownIDF spokesperson

A day after the outbreak of the war in the south, in the shadow of the shocking news of the horrific mass slaughter and its terrifying magnitude, the IDF continued its emergency mobilization to enter Gaza for a wide-scale war.

While many soldiers are gathering in the staging areas, a dedicated mass civil mobilization of support has been launched for the urgent purchase of food, drink, hygienic supplies, and protective equipment for soldiers who are expected to be sent to the front.

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Behind the project is the Torat HaLechima organization, working together with the Tekuma movement in coordination with actual commanders in the field. With this project, the organizers hope to directly reach soldiers going to the front lines.

According to the organizers, "The current situation on the ground is that thousands of soldiers have arrived from home to report for duty without delay, but they need the most basic equipment that the army cannot provide them due to the logistical overload. The donations are extremely urgent to purchase food and drink for the duration of the stay in the staging areas." They added that among the needed items are "hygienic supplies, warm underwear, as well as nighttime illumination gear, and other equipment and personal defense gear for soldiers."

Aviad Gadot, CEO of Torat HaLechima, said, "Any donation that is raised will immediately reach the front. Soldiers are waiting for this equipment and there is no time now to wait. Fighters in the field talk to us and are reaching out for the public's help. Am Yisrael must mobilize so that the heroic fighters in the reserves who have mobilized - can win."

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