Fallen soldiers from Binyamin
Fallen soldiers from Binyaminno credit

The names of twelve soldiers from the Benjamin Regional Council who fell in battle defending the citizens of Israel from the Hamas massacre have been cleared for publication.

The names of the fallen that were released for publication: Amichai Witzan and Moshe Yedidya Raziel (Rosenberg) from Psagot who were killed while defending Kerem Shalom, and saved the community from a massacre.

Private Nerya Nagari, Home Front command from the community of Neriya, Corporal Ariel Eliyahu,Tank Corps fighter who fell in the battle on Kibbutz Be'eri, from Mitzpe Yeriho, Captain Shilo Har Even, who fell heroically defending the Nahal Oz base, from Anatot.

Sgt. Yishai Fitusi, Golani fighter who fell in battle, Liel Itach from Anatot, who was killed near Kibbutz Re’im, Capt. David Meir, Sayeret Matkal from Kochav Hashachar, who fell in the battle on Kibbutz Be'eri and Hillel Shmuel Saadon, from Michmas and a Nahal patrol soldier who fell in the battle on Kibbutz Sufa.

The council's entire emergency services, along with representatives of the IDF, police, Magen David Adom, and the fire department, have been working continuously since Saturday morning, including community and social workers, who are assisting and accompanying the families from the moment they received the bitter news. The council is assisting as much as possible in completing the identification process and burials.

Gantz: "The price is huge and unbearably heavy. I meet parents and my heart cannot take it. The families are full of pain, but are also so strong. We stand in silence, embracing the families and saluting them. But let no one be confused, we are strong. The main thing now is to destroy the enemy on its home ground. This is what needs to be done. with God’s help we will win with bravery and force."

In the Benjamin Regional Council, the emergency services are operating continuously. Gantz is leading the emergency operational center in the council's offices together with CEO Ilan Rom and senior managers and workers of the council, representatives of the IDF, Magen David Adom, and the fire department.

Between situation assessments, the council head and security department members go between the communities to check the level of readiness and to provide manpower help and arms, in order to strengthen the defense of the communities and increase their resilience.

The council is running a hotline for residents dealing with emotional difficulties. The council's emergency hotline, as well as the 106 service hotline, are operating on an increased basis and are receiving resident inquiries 24 hours a day.

The council, together with the community leaders, are also operating online relief activities. In all of the communities, the youth and non-mobilized residents are joining together to help each other. The emergency committees in all of the communities are working in full force with many volunteers on community initiatives to strengthen local resilience.