Duvi Honig
Duvi HonigOrthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce
The United Nations (UN) is an international organization founded with the aim of promoting peace, security, and cooperation among nations. However, recent events have raised concerns about the UN's impartiality and its response to acts of terror and human rights violations.

One cannot deny the perception that the United Nations has given the green light for new terror attacks on Israel after witnessing the shocking arrest of Israel's UN ambassador for denouncing Iran's terror and human rights violations last week. The Ambassador's detention clearly sends a worrying message about the world's willingness to turn a blind eye to Iran's actions.
Erdan waves picture of Mahsa Amini at the UN General Assembly
Erdan waves picture of Mahsa Amini at the UN General AssemblyNo credit

While Israel faces constant condemnation for infractions as trivial as chewing gum or eating pizza from the UN, it seems that major human rights abuses and acts of terror committed by Iran and other nations are overlooked. This raises questions about the UN's commitment to justice, highlighting its one-sided agenda as an anti-Israel organization.

In addition, the significant development that the U.S. rewarded Iran for the release of five American detainees in exchange for $6 billion ransom money for the freedom of several jailed Americans is without a doubt seen as encouraging over a hundred civilian hostages-taken by Hamas a proxy of Iran.

It’s sad to witness the United States providing money to Iran in the billions, Despite Biden's laudable support for Israel after the Hamas atrocities, the United States is effectively indirectly funding the attacks on Israel, leading to the death and injury of innocent civilians. This sadly makes the USA today's biggest supporter for terror, as these funds were undoubtedly used by Iran to promote terror, perhaps to fund Hamas' October 7th pogrom

It’s sad to highlight how Israel, as a Jewish nation continuously under threat, has consistently faced international scrutiny more than any other nation on the globe simply for being a Jewish nation. Israel was authorized by the San Remo conference and the League of Nations as the historic Jewish national homeland in 1922 but only established after the Holocaust to defend the Jewish people.

Paradoxically, while individuals like Bezalel Smotrich, whose chief of staff's brother was murdered by terrorists, face condemnation and find themselves on the US blacklist for acting in self-defense, Iran, responsible for funding global terrorism and committing open human rights violations, enjoys a platform at the UN and financial rewards from the US for its barbaric actions to the tune of billions of dollars. This contradiction is a direct result of biased policies and a failure to hold those responsible accountable.

The Biden administration and the United Nations must reevaluate their messaging and policies to the world. It is imperative to acknowledge and support the importance of defending oneself against aggression and condemn the aggressors with repercussions. The United Nations current approach, which rewards terror and overlooks human rights abuses, perpetuates violence against Israel and undermines the credibility of these institutions created to protect world peace and human rights.

In the face of mounting criticism of Israel, its condemning Israel more then any other country in the world and the detention of Israel's UN ambassador, it is clear that the UN must address the perception that it has given the green light for new terror attacks on Israel and will be ready to condemn Israel for its self defense after a few days of pictures of Israel’s retaliation in Gaza, prompted by the Hamas PR team and leftist media outlets. We are familiar with their repetitive strategy of crying victim instead of owning up to being the aggressor.

Bottom line- the world must focus on taking action against terror aggression. It must stop punishing those seeking to protect humanity. The UN must reassert its commitment to its founding principles, holding all nations in the UN accountable for their actions, values and votes held - on behalf of humanity.

The international community, particularly the Biden administration, must acknowledge its mistakes and reconsider policies that inadvertently support terrorism. As proud Jews, it is incumbent upon us to fight for the protection of our nation, both within Israel and abroad, ensuring a future free from the threat of terrorism.

Duvi Honig is founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce