Dr. Joe Frager
Dr. Joe FragerPhoto: INN

The world has witnessed one of the most barbaric, monstrous and depraved Pogroms of all time on Israel’s Sabbath and Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Holiday carried out by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The death toll continues to rise. It is estimated to be 700 at this time with over 100 taken captive. Fifteen Hundred were injured many are critical. Babies were killed in front of their parents and parents were killed in front of their children. There was no end to the atrocities committed by these terrorists.

World opinion is on Israel’s side for now. The window of opportunity to once and for all crush Hamas and Islamic Jihad won’t last long. Since the head of the snake is Iran, Israel has to take care of business there as well. This may seem like an impossible task. It is especially more complicated by the over 100 captives that Hamas has taken both to be used as human shields and bargaining chips. Israel will do everything in its power to keep these people alive. America has to be a full partner in this especially since a number of the captives are American citizens. Israel has to act quickly. Every minute is precious to these captives. Hamas will try to send as many of these captives to Iran similar to how Ron Arad the Israel Air Force pilot ended up there never to be heard from since.

Israel has its hands full since it is still cleaning out Hamas terrorists who may still be in Israel. It also has to worry that Iran will open up the Hezbollah front in the north. This has been Iran’s plan all along. Israel has to be prepared that that will happen especially if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear capability. Despite this very real possibility this is the time for Israel to strike Iran. In an election year both Democrats and Republicans will be supportive. President Biden has said over and over again that he will never allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb. In an election year he cannot afford to allow Iran to do just that. If he goes against his word then the six billion dollars he just gave Iran will look like child’s play compared to their going nuclear. I do not think he wants to risk losing an election over Iran.

Israel for its part must be fully United. As we saw in the Yom Kippur War, Israel’s existence is more precarious than most either want to admit or realize. This is not a time for infighting. It is essential Israel is United. David Ben Gurion said, “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.” These miracles occur when Israel is United. Israel will turn this around as they did in the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago. It will be difficult and we must pray hard. The window is now wide open for Israel to finally finish off Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran’s nuclear threat. The world will be a lot safer when this happens. With G-d speed it will.