MK Dan Illouz
MK Dan IllouzPress Release

As Operation Swords of Iron commenced following the atrocious attack led by Hamas, killing hundreds of Israeli civilians and soldiers and abducting dozens to Gaza, Canada-born MK Dan Illouz has shifted his visit in North America towards efforts to keep the international community focused and keeping the Jewish community members informed.

"My political mission now takes on a different tone now," MK Illouz stated. "I will be in North America and serve at the forefront of information, providing media interviews, sharing information on social media, providing lectures, and maintaining contact with the Jewish community."

MK Illouz added: "Our hearts are with the families of the victims, and we all pray for the well-being of the injured and the kidnapped and for the success of our beloved soldiers. It must be clear to everyone that Hamas is a bloodthirsty organization, full of malice, and a war criminal. In this war, we will prevail. Hamas will regret the day it started it."