Riots in Gaza
Riots in GazaAtia Mohammed/Flash90

An IDF spokesperson has confirmed that there are Israeli hostages and people were kidnapped during the fighting.

In addition, there is a high chance that a fighting front will open on Israel's northern border.

"Israel has been at war since 6:30 in the morning, with rocket attacks and dozens of terrorist infiltrations at a large number of ground locations, naval [locations], and from the air - also at the crossings. There are 22 locations around the Gaza border where fighting is taking place - we have forces in all of the towns. We want to do a second round of searching, to ensure they are all killed," the spokesman said.

"We have hostages in Ofakim and in Be'eri - there is fighting there, with Yamam and other special forces. We have fighting in the Gaza area, in Nahal Oz - that is under control right now."

The spokesman explained that, "The IAF is attacking in several locations, where there are breaches in the fence. There are dozens of attacks and hundreds of dead, including terrorists on the border. The intention is to kill all of the terrorists who are in Israeli territory."

"There are difficult hours ahead of us - there are civilian casualties, fighters, commanders. A largescale call-up of reserves has begun - there are four divisions being brought down to Gaza, including tanks. In the Northern Command, they are ready for any event, and anyone who tries us will be hit."

According to the spokesman, the IDF is attacking all Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza: "There is no immunity in any place in Gaza. This is war, the border area is first - we are working to kill all of the terrorists and close the fence. We are reinforcing the Central Command with additional forces."

Hamas released a statement Saturday evening claiming to have taken dozens of IDF soldiers and officers captive.

The Hamas terrorist organization claimed this evening (Saturday) that it had captured dozens of IDF soldiers and officers in its surprise attack against Israel this morning.

"We bring good news to our captives and our people that the Al-Qassam Brigades are holding dozens of officers and soldiers captive and secured in safe places and resistance tunnels," Hamas claimed.

Meanwhile, just after midnight Sunday morning, Hamas claimed that it has a much larger number of Israeli captives than what Israel believes.

A spokesperson for Hamas' military arm said, "The number of Israeli captives is several times higher than what Netanyahu believes. They have been spread through all of the roads in Gaza and they will go through what the population in the Strip is going through."