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The police arrested two suspects in the attempted kidnapping of Rabbi Yaakov Meir Schechter, president of the Keren Or community of Breslav Hasidim.

The suspects were arrested after they were recorded when one of them approached the Rabbi with the aim of kidnapping him

After their arrest, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court decided to release the two suspects due to a lack of evidence.

Judge Toker wrote in her decision: "There is no evidence in the investigation file showing suspicion of an attempted kidnapping of Rabbi Schechter. There is an attempt to get close to Rabbi Schechter as is customary for the holiday. I will also comment that neither the complainant found that there was any danger nor did he call the police, but filed an online complaint two days after the alleged incident When the first testimony in the matter was collected only two days later."

The judge stated in her decision that "all in all, since the basis of the complaint is a fundamentally civil conflict, there is no danger that justifies arrest. After considering, this is not an investigation that may end soon and even though there are investigative actions that are disruptive, this does not mean extending their arrest."