Minister of Communications Dr. Shlomo Karhi addressed ministers and heads of delegations from all over the world today (Wednesday) at an international media conference in Saudi Arabia.

צפו: השר קרעי בירך בערבית בסעודיהדוברות

Minister Karhi spoke in English and ended with a long greeting in Arabic in the Tunisian dialect – from where his mother immigrated to Israel.

In his speech, Karhi presented his approach to improving the postal services through privatization and upholding universal obligations as expected from the organization's companies.

He emphasized the need for advanced communications, not only in postal services, but in all communication services, including optical fibers that will connect East and West through Israel and serve as a bridge between people and cultures.

The minister thanked the Prime Minister, President Biden, and the leaders of Saudi Arabia for their efforts to establish relations between the countries, as part of the vision of peace and connecting East and West.