The junction near Beit Hagai
The junction near Beit Hagainone

Residents of Beit Hagai on Tuesday night arrived at Hakvasim Square and began to dismantle the construction work taking place at the scene.

The residents dismantled a significant portion of the work which has been done at the square since the terror attack several weeks ago in which Batsheva Nigri was murdered. Since the attack, the square has been unofficially renamed "Batsheva Square," in her memory.

Following the dismantling of the work, a convoy of vehicles entered the city of Hebron for a nighttime visit, in protest of the continued construction.

"The entire land of Israel is ours," the residents explained. "We will not be afraid to visit the entire area. No terrorist will deter us."

"The construction here will not continue as if nothing happened," the residents stressed. According to them, the traffic circle causes vehicles to slow down, making it easier for terrorists to harm Jews traveling through it.

"We call on all of the security and defense bodies to immediately stop the construction until satisfactory decisions are made which will not abandon the residents' lives."

Following Batsheva's funeral approximately six weeks ago, residents of Beit Hagai arrived at the scene of the murder and took apart the infrastructure for the creation of two traffic circles at Hakvasim Junction.

The town's leadership emphasized that for a long time, they have been warning of the danger in these traffic circles, which force drivers to slow down and expose them to terror attacks.

"We call on the government and the IDF to cancel the creation of these traffic circles and instead create a bilevel separation. In general, there is a need to rethink things regarding a road which has claimed the lives of many victims over the years," the statement said.