MK Ram Ben Barak
MK Ram Ben BarakOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

MK Ram Ben Barak, who announced that he will run in the primaries for the leadership of the Yesh Atid party, admitted that the party has not been run democratically from an internal point of view.

The primaries will be the first held for the party's top position since the party was established 12 years ago,

"I'm sure the party needs to be much more democratic. Until today it certainly wasn't democratic, today we are taking the first step towards democracy, there is a primary for the position of chairman," said Ben Barak in an interview with 130FM.

According to him, "I tell my friends in Yesh Atid that there are some things between me and Lapid that we don't see eye to eye on."

When asked about his chances of success against Lapid, he replied, "I think the chances are good, everyone knows how to start, no one knows how to finish. I haven't sent any application letter yet because we only received the list yesterday."

In another interview with Kan, Ben Barak rejected the claims that he is a straw man candidate on behalf of Lapid. "I am running with the intention of going for it with all my might."

"The task is to convince the functionaries that there is someone who can bring better results. Lapid and I are not alike. I bring with me a slightly different agenda, for example on the issue of democratization in the party. He is satisfied with the elections for the leadership of the party. I think that the members of the conference and the functionaries must have an influence on the MKs and their position in the list. In my opinion, there is also room for new communities to enter the party," he added.