MK Ahmed Tibi called Border Police officers "thugs" in a tweet responding to a video of Border Police officers pushing an Arab woman in the Old City of Jerusalem.

"Cruel thugs in the old city," Tibi wrote about the incident. The incident began when the women chanted derogatory chants against Jews who were returning from the ascent to the Temple Mount.

The police commented on the incident and said that "this morning, in the area of the Chain Gate, a handful of disorderly individuals confronted visitors who had completed their visit to the Temple Mount while chanting nationalist slogans. After disobeying the instructions of the police officers at the scene, they were pushed back and the police detained for questioning three suspects on the spot who carried out the same provocation."

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir praised the actions of the police. "Nice work by our men and women from the Border Police against the rioters who harassed the Jewish pilgrims to the Temple Mount and disturbed the holiday prayers," he wrote.