The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is hosting a public holiday festival today.

The event features a long list of popular Hassidic singers. Admission is free.

Visitors today and tomorrow will be able to visit the Isaac Hall, which will be open to Jews.

Tomorrow at 06:00 there will be a dawn prayer near Cave of the Patriarchs with Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu accompanied by musical instruments. Throughout the holiday, tours of the sites of the Jewish settlement in Hebron will be guided by the Hebron Synagogue free of charge, departing from the information center near the Cave of the Patriarchs.

On Monday at 13:00-15:30, there will be a tour of the Otniel Ben Kenaz cave. On Tuesday at 13:00-15:30, there will be tours through the alleys of the old city, known as the 'Casbah'.

The visitor center "Touch Eternity" in Beit Hadassah is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00-18:00 with an entrance fee of 15 NIS for an adult, 10 NIS for a child, 75 NIS for a family. Food and drinks as well as a sukkah are available, and all refreshments are strictly kosher. For details, the public can call 072-2213660.

The Ancient Hebron archaeological site is open Sunday through Friday from 10:00 to 15:00, with free guidance by the Nature and Parks Authority. Shuttles to the site leave from Beit Rachel and Leah, near the Cave of the Patriarchs complex.