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Leftists can’t figure out why they’re so unpopular. Let me explain.

Apparently their most recent riot, Yom Kippur, Tel Aviv, did not go off too well. Now these leftists, who failed to draw support, wonder why nobody likes them.

Says so in a dozen articles I’ve read…how isolated they feel, from one stunt to the next.

One reason you guys are so unpopular is because you are ugly, physically repulsive. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but look in the mirror. See what I mean?

Some days ago, when a few of you were on “60 Minutes,” my dog wouldn’t stop barking, and my cat ran under the bed, and she still won’t come out.

Better it was for you during Covid, when you had to wear a mask.

Besides that, Real Israelis are the happiest people on earth. Says so in the Happiness Index. They love their country…by a vast 99.9 percent majority.

You leftists, on the other hand, are always miserable. You top the Misery Scale, and that is no way to make friends and influence people.

Real Israelis are turned off by miserable people, such as you and your constant kvetching.

Nobody likes a kvetch.

So then, dear leftists, what’s the complaint anyway?

Every day, and for every riot, it’s something else. We’ve lost touch with your message, and so have you.

Judicial Reform, you say, is harmful for the country.

That’s rich coming from people who disrupt traffic so that even emergency vehicles can’t get through, and then block access to hospitals.

Real Israelis are supposed to cheer you for this?

You are the “danger to Democracy.”

Harmful for the country is the left.

I suppose, then, that as you go marching, disrupting, and rioting, you think up a terrific new way to win over the rest of the Jewish/Israeli population.

What you decided was to go stomping and protesting with Palestinian Arab flags, and with those terrorists at your side.

What a way to win the hearts and minds of the Israelis who still weep for the fallen!

You ingrates, are you aware of how you blaspheme the men and women who served, and continue to do so for God and Country?

That’s it right there…you have no God, no Country.

You have nothing but your own miserable lives.

Keep protesting, but don’t look back, because nobody in his right mind is following you.

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