The raft that was found on the beach
The raft that was found on the beachPolice Spokesperson

The Israeli Navy is investigating how a migrant raft washed up on the shore in Netanya on Sunday without being identified by radar systems.

The boat washed up on shore containing personal documents and passports but was without passengers. According to the documents found on the boat, it was carrying two men in their 20s and a 3-year-old boy from Somalia.

The defense establishment points out that eight passports and documents belonging to migrants from Turkey and Somalia were found, but the passengers were not aboard and most probably drowned.

Initial investigations found that the boat eluded radars since it was not emitting any heat because it did not have a motor or passengers.

At the same time, the investigation into the incident is continuing, and authorities searched for passengers but did not find anyone.

On Sunday, the Central District Police and the Maritime Police searched the coastline in Netanya.

The police are continuing to search the sea and the coast to find the boat's passengers.