Haredi women
Haredi womenChaim Goldberg/Flash90

A number of men caused a commotion after entering an event held for haredi girls last night in order to disrupt its existence in protest of gender segregation.

At the event, films were screened for haredi women in the mixed neighborhoods of Jerusalem - Kiryat Menachem and Ir Ganim.

Haaretz reporter Yael Freidson wrote: "The men of the neighborhood came to the screening intended for women and girls and prevented the separate event from taking place. For those who did not understand from the events of the past few weeks, the contract has been reopened."

Mishpacha correspondent Kobi Bornstein commented: "Terrible wickedness. There is no other way to define it. Ruining the holiday for women and girls who came to the screening separately just because it doesn't suit you. Tell me more about enlightenment, liberalism, women's rights, and democracy."

Podcaster Nadav Perry commented, "Those who do not know how to distinguish between the main and justified struggle and unnecessary harassment will lose in the grand scheme of things."

Journalist Yinon Magal wrote: "You will never see a group of privileged men disrupting a secular women's event/race in Tel Aviv. This can only happen when it comes to religious women or girls. Suddenly it's not 'misogyny', and it's not 'paternalism'. All kinds of hypocrisy in one picture."

Journalist Aryeh Ehrlich responded: "A solid line runs between the Yom Kippur prayer protests in Dizengoff Square and the perpetrators of the heinous act of harassing haredi women and girls and thwarting a holiday event organized for them. A wretched handful, a long evening of people without a human figure, monsters without a heart, bad, shameful people, who we hope disappear from the country within a generation. Make no mistake, the majority of the left is not like that."

Former IDF spokesman Avi Benyahu wrote that this was a mistake on the part of the protestors: "Protest activists who come to events in the segregation of religious women and break them up cause me to weep and worry. This is an ethical, moral, and human error and also stupidity that harms the protest and undermines the possibility that we will be able to live together here. If someone is looking for high-quality raw materials for a civil war, he will find them here much more than the reform."

One user wondered if the next step was to "break into the maternity ward", and another social media user suggested, "They should also go to the gym in Jaffa tomorrow, it's a day for women only. We'll see them be heroes".

Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Aryeh King commented: "Truthfully, you weren't surprised by the tweet. You only reinforce in me the feeling that you simply hate religious people, you hate Judaism. If it is necessary to harm the rights of women in order to promote your hatred, you will do so. It passed to your hypocrisy since I don't remember you tweeting when there was a women's jazz festival in Jerusalem three months ago or a women's night race a year ago."

Journalist Efrat Finkel wrote: "Damned and wicked behavior! What a legacy you are spreading of feminism of the 'even if you want to leave the house to enjoy yourself, we will push you back into the kitchen because we don't like the way you enjoy yourself' and all this in the name of true liberalism. Liberalism of hate."

In response to the event, the Hotem organization said: "The bullying of the far-left mobs does not stop. After desecrating the holiest day for the Jewish people and preventing prayer in a public space, they now continue and invade the private space of women who chose to screen a film for themselves. When women-only events were held in Tel Aviv, such as the women's marathon and various festivals did not alarm the "men of the protest" to prevent the discriminatory event, how hypocritical. I wonder if the women of the 'liberal' protest would have dared to enter the mosque and disturb the prayer of Muslim men in the name of 'liberalism'. The protests and demonstrations of a handful of violent and wild under the auspices of the protest. The prosecutor's office won't help; the people of Israel stick to their Judaism, and they will defeat the progressive trolls."