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House Republicans on Friday failed to pass a short-term funding bill which would keep the government open until October 31, ABC News reported.

Earlier in the day, a procedural vote to start debate on the bill advanced 218-210, prompting Republican applause in the chamber.

However, more than a dozen Republican hard-liners voted against final passage, dealing a blow to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as Saturday night's shutdown deadline looms.

The final vote was 198 for, 232 against.

McCarthy earlier on Friday tried to make the case for the bill by playing up the border security provisions being added to the stopgap measure.

The border provisions were from Republicans' major legislation passed earlier this year, such as a restart of border wall construction and tougher penalties for visa overstays.

The proposal also included keeping government spending to a lower level while maintaining Veterans Affairs and military spending, which would result in dramatic cuts to social spending programs and other areas across the government.

This was not enough to appease Republican hard-liners, who have previously threatened to oust McCarthy as speaker over the spending battle.

Asked about hard-liner opposition, McCarthy replied, “We’ll see. I can’t understand why someone would side with President Biden and keeping the border open. We’ll see when the vote comes. If those individuals vote that way, you should ask them that question.”

Even if the House measure were to pass, it is out of step with the Senate's bipartisan 45-day stopgap proposal, meaning that passage is no guarantee to keep the government from running out of money over the weekend.

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