Chabad sukkah in Sderot
Chabad sukkah in SderotCourtesy

Chabad emissaries have established hundreds of sukkahs, the temporary booths after which the holiday is named, throughout Israel for the benefit of the public throughout the holiday.

The sukkahs will be equipped with the Four Species for travelers to wave and recite the blessings and allow the public to fulfill the commandment to eat in the sukkah. ,

As a further service to the public, a search engine has been developed to find the closest such sukkah, no matter where in Israel one happens to be.

Throughout Sukkot, 1200 Chabad emissaries will follow the movement initiated by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to travel to every possible location to encourage the public to wave the Four Species.

In the evenings, Chabad houses will also hold the traditional celebrations for Sukkot, known colloquially as simchat beit hashoe'vah (Hebrew meaning 'Festival at the Place of Water-Drawing, a memorial of the Temple service on the holiday). The celebrations will include live entertainment and are intended for the entire family.

"The sukkah symbolizes the unity of all the tribes of the people of Israel," says Chabad Youth Chairman Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Aharonov, "and there is no better time than this holiday for us all to unite together, despite the different opinions and in spite of the different opinions."