In a competition held by Home Front Command and the Ministry of the Interior, Bi
In a competition held by Home Front Command and the Ministry of the Interior, BiSagiv Cohen

At a ceremony held on Thursday at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, the Binyamin Regional Council Spokesperson’s Office received an award for placing first in a countrywide competition among all the local authorities and medical institutions in Israel for presenting information to the public on a routine basis and in emergencies.

The Media and Advocacy Department of Binyamin Regional Council initially won the Central Command award for outstanding service to the public, and in the countrywide competition between all the local authorities in Israel, Binyamin again placed first.

This respectable achievement for Binyamin and for the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria was awarded after a comprehensive examination and exercises conducted jointly by the Home Front Command and the Ministry of the Interior, the Council for a Beautiful Israel, and the Center for Local and Regional Government, as part of the national preparedness for emergencies.

Binyamin Regional Council was awarded a cash prize that will be used toward preparedness for emergencies.

Yehuda Amrani, Binyamin spokesperson and director of the Media and Advocacy Department: “This is an achievement that belongs to all the department’s workers and the Binyamin Council workers. Their dedication and professionalism brought us to place first. Providing information and explaining what we are doing during normal and emergency situations is not only our profession but also our mission.”

Binyamin Regional Council Governor Israel Ganz congratulated the Media and Advocacy Department staff and said that it is an honor for Binyamin that the hard work and professionalism is being recognized as being the leader and winning first place in Israel.”