Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Rabbi Lord Jonathan SacksThe Rabbi Sacks Legacy

“In a way not shared by any other festival, Sukkot celebrates the dual nature of Jewish faith: the universality of God and the particularity of Jewish existence.”– Rabbi Sacks

Ahead of Sukkot – which begins on Friday night – we invite you to explore resources based on the teachings of Rabbi Sacks zt"l.

This year we have developed a set of posters, with which you can enhance your sukkah with the wisdom of Rabbi Sacks. Each one features an inspiring quote about the meaning of the festival. They can be downloaded and printed here.

Watch Rabbi Sacks tell a personal story of faith for Sukkot. Click here to view it.


Recorded by Rabbi Sacks, brief ideas on the significance and symbolism of Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

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A special edition of Ceremony & Celebration: Family Edition for Sukkot, including extracts from the writings of Rabbi Sacks together with questions, stories, and points for discussion.

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In 2016, to launch the new Koren Sacks Sukkot Machzor, Rabbi Sacks gave a shiur on Kohelet, the megillah read during the festival of Sukkot.

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