Minister Levin
Minister LevinAryeh Lev Abrahams/Flash 90

Justice Minister Yaric Levin was interviewed by Kan News this evening (Thursday) and addressed the Supreme Court's deliberations on the Incapacitation Law and the possibility of dismissing the attorney general.

"I think that the situation is that there is no legal advice [from Attorney General Gali Baharav Miara], but such extreme positions that the Supreme Court justices tell her, 'we don't understand your position," Levin said.

"The attorney general is not allowed to deal with the impeachment of a prime minister. It is in the authority only of the Knesset. After she said that she might still deal with it, the Knesset came and corrected matters," he said.

"We can't allow a situation where an official would seek to take upon herself the authority to imprison an elected prime minister. You can't allow that now and not in any Knesset. From the moment she didn't say the obvious, the Knesset came to fix it.

On the issue of the Incapacitation Law, he said: "Until today, there was no regulation of this matter at all because it was absolutely clear that there was no question at all that such a procedure could only happen within a parliamentary framework."

"I think this is a discussion that should not have taken place. There should not have been such a discussion in a democratic country, where a court discusses something that is not within its jurisdiction. It is anti-democratic, the court does not have the masks to discuss Basic Laws," Levin added.

"In a democratic country, a parliament is elected and it is the one that sets the laws. A court interprets laws and does not annul them. It does not decide for the people who will be prime minister."

He also claimed: "If it was in my power to fire the attorney general - I would act immediately."