The visit
The visitCourtesy of the photographer

Rabbi Shimon Rabinowitz, Chairman of the Kfar Chabad Committee, and Deputy Chief of the Sdot Dan Regional Council Rabbi Binyamin Lifshitz visited the home of Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf (United Torah Judaism), to honor him with a top-of-the-line etrog from the orchards of Kfar Chabad.

Goldknopf has a warm relationship with the Chabad-Lubavitch town, and recently attended a cornerstone-laying ceremony for a new neighborhood in Kfar Chabad. That neighborhood's development had been delayed for many years, and was only recently moved forward in recent months thanks to intervention by Goldknopf and his office.

In a discussion with the Minister, the Kfar Chabad representatives thanked him for his concentrated efforts for the benefit of their town, its expansion, and its development. Motti Babchik, who works in Goldknopf's office, was also present during the meeting, and discussion centered, among other things, around advancing the construction of an additional new neighborhood, which would potentially offer hundreds of housing units for families and young couples.

Goldknopf thanked rabbis Rabinowitz and Lifshitz for the beautiful etrog, and added, "Kfar Chabad is in a high spot on the priority list for advancing projects and removing obstacles."

"We will expand Kfar Chabad, so that it can absorb more families and young couples, and obviously we will do that with the agreement and full cooperation of the village's committee and the regional council, so that things will happen in accordance with the wishes of the residents and the lifestyle of the village."