On September 16th the Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which met in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, declared Tel Jericho (Tel a-Sultan, in Arabic) as a heritage site in Palestine. This site, known as the world's oldest fortified city, is in addition to other heritage sites recognized in Palestine, including the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Old City of Hebron and the scenic area of Battir, south of Jerusalem.

Although UNESCO's official website states that it is a heritage site in the State of Palestine, various elements in the media and the Palestinian Authority preferred to list the site as a "Palestinian heritage site." In so doing, they contributed, directly or indirectly, to shaping the Palestinian national consciousness and false narrative that is taking shape for future generations.

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas jumped at the declaration as a source of great spoils and warmly welcomed UNESCO's decision, saying it was" Of paramount importance, one that testifies to the authenticity and history of the Palestinian people". He affirmed that" The State of Palestine is committed to preserving this unique site for the benefit of humanity".

The Palestinian Authority's foreign ministry said the decision "Reflects the international community's support for Palestine's invaluable contribution to world history and human heritage and the Palestinians' right to self-determination with their cultural resources and rights."

Whether it is a" Palestinian heritage site" or a" site in the State of Palestine, "we can summarize and say that both options are fundamentally unacceptable and false. After all, there is not and never has been a Palestinian state in human history, there has not been a Palestinian people or Palestinian civilization, no ancient history has been written by them, and no Palestinian remains, signs and symbols have been found of a governmental system, monetary system, etc.

Therefore, it is inconceivable that the site will be considered a Palestinian heritage site from the outset. Its declaration as a heritage site in the State of Palestine is also fundamentally mistaken, since Palestine is not a state, is not considered as such, not even at the UN, whose institution has declared the site a heritage site in Palestine.

Jericho and its environs contain very important Jewish heritage sites, including the Hasmonean palaces and the "Shalom Al Israel" synagogue with its special mosaic holding writings in Hebrew.

Alongside with these sites there are important heritage sites to Christianity, like: Quadrantal, Sycamore tree of Zacchaeus, several ancient monasteries‏, the baptismal site on the banks of the Jordan River- Qasr al-Yahud, where according to tradition, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, more than 570 years before any Muslim was born.

Needless to say, Jericho was one of the first places the Israelites reached when they crossed the Jordan River in a place called "Qasr el Yahud "(Palace of the Jews in Arabic), when they came to inherit the land… and not from the Palestinians, at 1200 years B.C.

In order to set the record straight and enable the president of the Palestinian Authority to deal with the" glorious" heritage of his invented people, UNESCO members must be presented with the sites where representatives of the "Palestinians" imprinted their heritage.

A rich bloody heritage in which those Arabs, who call themselves "Palestinians" in recent generations, are proud and boasting, above every platform, in every textbook and "consciousness engineering device".

Among the sites worth noting is a section of the Israeli national water carrier project that was blown up as part of Fatah's first terrorist attack on January 1st 1965 (before the six day war and the liberation or "occupation" of the Judea, Samaria, the Jordan valley and east Jerusalem- all known as the "West Bank"); Suicidal terror attacks in Moment Cafe and Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem, Matza Restaurant in Haifa; Horrific massacres at Ma'alot School in the Galilei, Park Hotel in Netanya during Passover eve, Dolphinarium night club and Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv, Beit Lid bus stations and other sites saturated with Israeli blood. This is the heritage of the Arabs, who in recent generations have called themselves Palestinians, between whom and historical heritage sites there is a deep chasm greater than the Syrian-African rift, in which ancient Jericho is located.

After various Attempts made by Israeli elements to prevent UNESCOs political declaration, which were unsuccessful despite sincere efforts made on the part of the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Heritage and others, Israel and its allies are required to approach UNESCO with a query and criticism on its side, regarding the manner in which the puzzling decision was made. How did the organization's decision contribute to the promotion of peace, security, cooperation and other slogans as stated in its stated goal: "To contribute to peace and security by promoting international cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture, with the aim of instilling throughout the world a sense of respect for the values of justice, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms declared in the UN Declaration?"

The State of Israel is also required to make a decision preserving its own heritage sites that have not yet been officially declared as such, with all that this entails, such as the Altar of Joshua on Mount Ebel. In the absence of such a decision now, after UNESCO granted legitimacy to the Palestinian Authority, there is a danger of destruction on the sites, or the danger of expropriation and appropriation of the invented" Palestinian heritage,"as was done at Tel Aroma in Samaria, (a Hasmonaean era fortress) where the Palestinian flag proudly flies.

An Israeli Zionist government should act like one by applying the Israeli sovereignty according to its historic right, on every important heritage site within the boundaries of the Promised Land. Regardless to what any invented entity thinks, whether they are the Narnians from Narnia, Ozon's from the Land of Oz or "Palestinians".