Hoter after the attack
Hoter after the attackRoute 55 Security Council

Shalom Hoter from the town of Karnei Shomron was attacked with stones this morning (Sunday) on Route 55 in Samaria. His car's windshield was damaged.

After stopping his car, Hoter said: "I am now addressing the military personnel who are in our sector. This happened just this morning when I was returning from Jerusalem. A second time in the same place, stones flew at the car. A stone that can kill."

"How many more? Last time the children were in the back. How long will we absorb this on a daily basis?" he asked, conveying a message: "If the army and the security forces are not here, we will be here, all the time."

The Torat Lehima organization stated: "Jews, women, and children, are abandoned every day hour by hour on Route 55 in Samaria like many other roads. The public stops being silent and fights for its life. It is expected of the senior IDF and the government to wake up and burn the nests of terrorism to the ground."

Last week, the IDF fired at a terrorist who threw stones at a Tnufa bus in the same area where Hoter was attacked.

As a result of the shooting, an injury was detected to the terrorist who was arrested by the force, and transferred to the security forces for further investigation.

One of the stones that the terrorist threw hit the windshield of the bus and caused minor damage.