Updated depiction of US Joint Chiefs of Staff 1967 map
Updated depiction of US Joint Chiefs of Staff 1967 mapMark Langfan

Which: Other country in the world would establish a sovereign enemy state into its center? Will Canada give independence to Quebec, or Spain to Catalonia or Belgium to the Walloons, even though they are not intent to destroy their hosts - and all of those are even at the edges of those countries. Why does the world focus only the fake invention of so-called Palestinians?

Our: Answer must be sovereignty from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Even in stages. We cannot allow a so called Palestinian State in our midst.

Listen: To today’s feature interview with the co-founder of the influential grassroots organization, the "Sovereignty Movement", and learn the reason for their advocacy.

Hear: What our President tells the new foreign Ambassadors.

Also: Why last week the city of Paris stripped the chairman of the Palestinian Authority of the highest honor that they bestowed on him in 2015.

Plus: A wake up call to the American Jews who are determined to sacrifice their lives for their possessions..

And: More.