Joe Zevuloni at the rally
Joe Zevuloni at the rallyCourtesy

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak on the United Nations stage with a message of a peace treaty with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, he will also send a warning message to our enemies in Iran and their proxies, making it clear to them that Israel is a military superpower capable of defending itself by itself and not to provoke or test our determination.

Outside, just a few meters from that stage, protesters will be de-legitimizing Israel’s democratically-elected leader. By doing so, they will be giving moral support to Israel’s enemies, bolstering and reinforcing Mahmoud Abbas and his false claims that Israel is not a democracy but rather an apartheid state, and that there are no human rights in Israel.

These hypocrites arranged for a truck with screens to circle around New York. On the screen, an image of a Jewish man, the Prime Minister of Israel, was broadcast with an exaggerated long nose (sounds familiar from Germany 1939???) — a stereotype of "the lying Jew." This is what they wanted to convey to the American people — yes, yes, Joseph Goebbels-style anti-Semitic propaganda lives and breathes in New York in 2023.

Their constant and obsessive de-legitimization campaign against Netanyahu also has a side effect that helped bolster "the Tehran butcher," who massacred some 30,000 protesters that demonstrated against the regime there. After all, he and the ayatollahs too called the Israeli Prime Minister a "liar."

If they really cared about democracy, they should side with Israel and protest against Iran, Hamas, or Hezbollah. They should stand up for The LGBTQ+ community being persecuted and being thrown from rooftops of buildings because of their sexual orientation in Gaza or Iran... They should protest against the violation of women's rights in Gaza, Iran, and Ramallah.

Instead they single out the only vibrant democracy in the Middle East: The state of Israel.

That’s sad and hypocritical.

We should not sit idly by and allow them to continue their hate and de-legitimization campaign - it could cause immense damage to the State of Israel, damage the US-Israel relationship, and may significantly increase antisemitism and hatred toward Jews on campuses, in work places, and everywhere else.

We can not and will not let that happen!

Join us, Israel-supporting Americans, on Friday at 7:30 in the morning, in front of the UN building in New York. We've got flags, signs, and some awesome surprises — we will make a lot of noise and make our voices heard loud and clear.

We will stand together and defend the good name of the State of Israel and give support to the Prime Minister who was democratically elected by the people.

This is an emergency call to action: Let’s ensure together that all the darkness they bring there will be enveloped in our light, the light of the people of Israel.

Love you all,
Joe Zevuloni

Hope to see you all there!