Undercover Border Police officers, guided by Shin Bet intelligence information, arrested a wanted individual. He is suspected of terror activity in the village of Abu Dis.

During the operation, following the suspect's arrest, Arabs began rioting and attempting to damage the officers' vehicle. They also attempted to block the officers' exit.

The Border Police officers rammed the vehicle which blocked its exit and left the site with no injuries. The suspect has been transferred to the Shin Bet for interrogation.

Border Police commander Major General Brik Yitzhak praised the forces' activities, saying, "The close cooperation between the Border Police and the Shin Bet and IDF has proven itself once again as a make-or-break in the fight against terror. In this activity, our fighters foiled a potential terror attack against the citizens of Israel."

"I support our forces who are working tirelessly to protect our citizens, as a human wall of defense, while risking their lives and showing true courage."