Kobi Eliraz
Kobi ElirazPR photo

An unusual event took place at the election committee in the Binyamin Regional Council: Kobi Eliraz, who intended to run for the leadership of the council, did not bring with him the guarantee check required for the run.

The Election Commission informed Eliraz that he would not be able to submit the forms on time because he did not bring a check and the deadline to submit the forms had expired.

The committee added that in the coming days he will receive an official notice of his disqualification and he will then be able to appeal it.

According to eyewitnesses, an exchange developed between Eliraz's team and the members of the committee, but their decision was not changed.

On Wednesday, Efi Sharon, the third candidate in the race, chose to withdraw from the race and transfer his support to the current head of the council, Israel Ganz.

If it is decided to disqualify Eliraz for good, Israel Ganz will continue to hold office for another term.

Kobi Eliraz said in response: "Contrary to what was claimed, my candidacy was not disqualified, this is a false and misleading publication. Tonight I submitted the nomination forms with the signatures of hundreds of residents of Binyamin as required. In addition, at the time of submission I was required to submit a bank check and, due to a technical error, I brought a personal check. This It will be corrected and I am convinced that the matter will be settled as soon as possible and I will continue my journey for the residents of Binyamin."