Nati Rom is indeed an intriguing and dynamic individual with a deep commitment to his beliefs and the Land of Israel; I couldn't believe he had found time to sit with me and have a little chat. It is clear that he leads a multifaceted and purpose-driven life.

Serving in the Israeli army as a young man further deepened Nati's sense of responsibility toward his people and the land.

Nati's decision after the army to venture out with friends and create a village in the heart of disputed territory demonstrates his pioneering spirit and commitment to his ideals. This act of settling in a challenging environment reflects his dedication to the land and his determination to secure it.

He now leads tours that explore the historical and religious aspects of Israel: He is not only showcasing the beauty of the land but also educating others about its significance. This reflects his desire to ensure that people, both locals and visitors, have a deeper understanding of Israel's rich history. And Nati's efforts to take tourists to places mentioned in the Torah and other historical texts suggest a commitment to preserving Israel's cultural and religious heritage.

Nati's tours might inspire people from all over the world to connect with their own roots and heritage - and by facilitating these connections, he could be helping people strengthen their ties to Israel and their cultural identity.

Nati's work not only educates but also serves as a form of advocacy for Israel. By showcasing its history and significance, he may be working to garner greater support and appreciation for the country on a global scale.

As a lawyer, Nati's work defending clients reflects his commitment to justice and his desire to protect the rights of individuals. His legal practice might involve cases that are intricately tied to the complexities of Israeli law and its unique historical and political context.

Nati's family life, including his marriage to Yonat and their seven children, adds a personal dimension to his story. Balancing his adventurous pursuits with family responsibilities highlights the complexities of his life.

Nati's commitment to living by the Torah and advocating for the rightful ownership of the land of Israel underscores his strong sense of idealism and values. He seems driven by a desire to set an example and showcase the historical significance of the land.

Nati lives with his family in Esh Kodesh, a village he founded in Shomron (Samaria), and has his own vineyards where he produces products under the label Lev Haolam.

His life story is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his beliefs and the land he calls home.