When Shevy Rosen lost her father at a young age, she thought that her life couldn’t possibly get any harder. Her father was ripped from this world after a fatal heart attack, and she suffered far beyond most girls her age. But what is happening right now is the single hardest thing she has been through after losing her father…

She is watching her own children going through the very same thing.

“Boruch was always a superhero. An amazing teacher, and such a great, devoted father, so involved. But last week he was rushed to the hospital when he suffered a brain hemorrhage…” Shevy explains.

The surgery Shevy’s husband now needs to survive is so rare that it can only be performed in Australia, and it costs thousands of dollars- Something which the woman, who was orphaned from a young age, could only dream of affording. Click here to help save Boruch>>>

“I was orphaned young, losing my father to illness. I know what it means to lose such an important person as a child,” are the heartbreaking words she wrote on an emergency crowdfunding page.

Many readers have been following Shevy’s moving story and have been moved enough to donate on her page. However, she is still very far from her goal, and if she doesn’t reach it in time, it will be tragically too late.

R’ Aharon Rabinowitz testifies to Shevy’s story and the great blessing that comes to everyone who helps. To save the life of a beloved father of two kids, and to save this woman the pain of watching her own children suffer the same excruciating loss she’s experienced at a young age, please donate what you can here.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only.