MK Avi Maoz
MK Avi MaozIsrael National News

Noam chairman and Deputy Minister MK Avi Maoz claims that the coalition should slow the pace of promoting judicial reform legislation and focus on the most crucial matter for the public – the cost of living.

"We need to take a break from the judicial reform and deal exclusively with the cost of living. It is hurting the weaker sectors. We have three more years to deal with this, and in the meantime, it’s ridiculous that a young family with two children pays about NIS 8,000 every month in daycare. This should be our main concern ", said Maoz in an interview with Israel National News-Arutz Sheva.

Maoz believes the scenes of the protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to the US are unnecessary. “I am upset with the protests in the US. We should not hang our dirty laundry outside. The MKs and politicians understood that the Prime Minister should not be attacked when he is on a political mission to another country. I call on the Leftist supporters to drop the demonstrations against Prime Minister Netanyahu in the US."

He also emphasized that the protest is no longer about the judicial reform at all. "The protest didn't start with the reform. The protest started when the right won the elections. I was constantly attacked, even before the reform was introduced."

"Despite all, good things have come out of this protest. It has forced us to find out who we are, what our identity is," adds Maoz.

In response to journalist Ron Koffman's harsh statement calling the haredi sector "cancer," Maoz replied: "We must condemn this in every way possible. Koffman is known for his beastly statements. He needs to wash out his mouth. I call upon everyone in Israel to talk calmly. We have less respect for each other. For some people, the haredi sector symbolizes some kind of ostracism. We must remember that the haredi sector has the same rights as any other sector."

Maoz was given certain responsibilities within the coalition agreement but had no direct connection to the education system. "The Minister of Education is correct when he says that I do not have a foothold in the education system. I am a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Office. My sole goal is to establish a national transparency system, which will give the parents information on the content their children are studying in school."

In any case, Maoz is trying to deal with the haredi and modern haredi institutions whose cost is very high for the parents. Some associations established elementary and high school institutions, and parents pay a fortune for their children's education. Why should they have to pay a lot of money while the state education system is free? I want to deal with this. This is part of the coalition agreements, and if I could, I would establish a state education network for these schools."

Maoz is currently working to promote the Jewish National Identity Authority under his auspices, with Nir Orbach as its head. They are trying to put a spoke in my wheels. But, thank God, I have extensive experience managing government systems."

Meanwhile, the party under his leadership is preparing for elections in the local authorities. "Noam has decided to run wherever we have representatives. We will probably run on an independent list in Jerusalem. We will take care of education, housing in East Jerusalem, youth dropouts, and, of course – the sanctity of the capital city."