MK Ohad Tal
MK Ohad TalIsrael National News

MK Ohad Tal (Religious Zionism) spoke with Israel National News-Arutz Sheva to discuss the anti-government protests following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his trip to the United States.

"These pictures are unprecedented. There was never anything like this in the history of the State of Israel, that Israeli citizens, together with local Jews, protest the Prime Minister," says Tal, and adds: "The Prime Minister doesn't represent one group or another, but rather the interests of the entire State of Israel. He works to strengthen Israel's security, to bring historic regional peace, to strengthen Israel's economy. He is advancing these moves, and it is everyone's shared interest, and whoever acts against the Prime Minister in this regard is acting against the State of Israel."

Tal mentions the strong opposition to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during the previous government's reign, and then too, "we did not think to act this way. I am very pained by the slippery slope and the terrible thing that we are witnessing."

Regarding the Prime Minister's remark that the protesters are lending support to the PLO and Iran, Tal says the Prime Minister published a clarification, and indeed, it will be the first time that outside the UN, these protesters will stand alongside the pro-PLO demonstrators during the Prime Minister's address. "We've certainly fallen into a deep abyss, and it's a shame we got there."

MK Tal was also asked about the Draft Law and his party's position regarding the haredi parties' demand for a blanket exemption. "I don't want to set off any controversy because things need to be done in an orderly fashion and be discussed in the relevant rooms and in a constructive manner that will allow us to reach understandings, but it is certainly unthinkable to lend a hand to a blanket exemption," concludes Tal.