MK Nissim Vaturi
MK Nissim VaturiIsrael National News

MK Nissim Vaturi (Likud) commented today (Tuesday) on the remarks by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said last night that he did not agree to the judicial reform as initially proposed.

"I don't think this is criticism of Levin," Vettori said in an interview with RadioKol Chai. "There is no tension here. There are always differences of opinion and there are discussions. We are a democratic party."

According to him, "It is also possible to take what he said another way: not to give unlimited power to the Supreme Court. We do not want to take over the court nor for it to take over us. We need a balance between the branches of government."

Regarding the reform, he said that "even if we did it over ten years, nothing would have happened. Barak's revolution, which continues to this day, took thirty years. There is no need for stress if it takes a little more than two months."

Vaturi criticized the demonstrators abroad against the reform: "This is on such a low level. It is causing damage to the country and aligning with the boycott organizations. Iran wants these riots. They just disgrace the country. They are against the people of Israel."

Regarding the criticism by the head of the opposition, MK Lapid, he said, "Where was everyone when Lapid said that Netanyahu was a member of Hezbollah? When the protesters said such things? In their demonstrations they join up with Israel haters. It seems they want the state to fail in order to overthrow Netanyahu."

Vaturi was asked his opinion about the meeting with Biden, which did not take place at the White House and replied that "Netanyahu did not stand upon his honor and will meet with Biden even if it is in a public park. What is important is to hold the meeting. By the way, the ties with the Americans have actually increased in security matters, we have moved up a notch in cooperation ".