the photograph in question
the photograph in questionיניר קוזין, גלי צה"ל

At the end of the joint conversation between Prime Minister Netanyahu and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, Netanyahu's advisor presented Musk with a photo taken by Yanir Cozin, the political correspondent of Army Radio.

In the photo, Musk is seen engrossed in the mobile phone in his hand while Netanyahu is engrossed in a book next to him.

"If you are wondering what photo Elon Musk saw that made him smile, here it is: the photo I took yesterday of him and Netanyahu sitting with a cell phone and a book. Completely real," wrote Cozin on his X account.

Media personality Avraham Grinzeig responded: "If he tweets you again, remember that we were friends." Another user wondered: "Didn't Netanyahu give Musk his book?"

Another user wrote: "My conclusion is to return to the source of the books, to enrich and refine the words in Hebrew or in any language. Second thing: social networks are bad, very bad and also good for those who know how to use them."

Netanyahu and his wife Sarah received from Musk an overview of Tesla's developments and the various models, and observed the production and assembly process of the advanced electric cars.

After that, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife drove together with Musk in the new "Cyber-Truck" car, which has not yet been released to the market.