This year, two of our most inspiring leaders Rabbi Shlomo Yedidyah Zaafrani and Rabbi Mordechai Gross are doing something beautiful – raising funds to help 714 seriously sick individuals in Israel and their families. 714 families are struggling to survive financially while dealing with devastating medical crises.

The Rabbis are beseeching upon readers to open their hearts and to help these families who are hungry and reaching the point of despair.

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They have extended a beautiful blessing to those who donate:

“All those who are partners in this fund should merit measure for measure to be protected from any illness or sorrow in spiritual and physical matters, for them and the members of their family…and they should not require doctors or treatments…They should merit to be written in the Book of Life for a good decree and be declared innocent in judgement.”

Click here to join 2 of the greatest leaders of our generation on their important mission. G-d-willing, together we will save the dignity of hundreds of families during the High Holidays and bring about beautiful blessings to our families, to those in need, and to all of the Jewish nation!