על 1,400 ש"ח
על 1,400 ש"חצילום: ללא

"Hello Sivan. My name is Sandra Baraz from Karnei Shomron and yesterday something happened to us that we feel that we must share with everyone:

"About an hour after the end of Rosh Hashanah, we opened our front door and saw an envelope on the ground. There was NIS 1400 and a letter inside: someone who stole money from our house many years ago, as a child, is now returning it.

"We raised five children over the years, and their friends always stayed with us, so we have no way of knowing who that child is – who writes that he came to our home many times.

"But I'm excited to find out that this person was bothered by the theft all these years. It shows that we have a desire to do good, that does not stop working for a moment, that we too can change for the better.

"And I also wonder what happened to him right now in his life, why at the end of Rosh Hashanah, during the Ten Days of Repentance, he decided to go back to our house – and make amends.

"We forgive him wholeheartedly. We decided that we would donate the money to charity, and as far as I'm concerned, the donation is also to his credit.

"Rabbi Nachman of Breslav said: If you believe that it is possible to spoil [to do something wrong], believe that it is possible to fix [to make amends]."