A young man who lives in Tyre, Lebanon, published a video clip on TikTok - and was arrested.

In the clip, which was posted a few days ago, the young man said that he prefers Israel to Arab countries, as an Israeli flag appeared on the screen.

According to Channel 12 News, a short time after the clip was published, the young man was arrested by the Lebanese security forces. An official statement read: "A Lebanese citizen was arrested after he published a TikTok video in which an Israeli flag was displayed. Legal steps have been taken against him, under the supervision of the judicial authority."

Lebanese law forbids citizens of that country from contacting Israelis or entering into business partnerships with them.

Last year, Lebanese authorities arrested an archbishop of the Maronite Church in Israel, at the Israel-Lebanon border crossing near Rosh Hanikra.

The Lebanese border guards confiscated the clergyman's cellular phone and a sum of half a million dollars, which were on the archbishop's person and which he said were intended to be given to charity.